Deputy of Human Resources & Planning
Duties & Responsibilities:
-   Activities related to codification methods and policies, preparing and arranging policies and periodical program with coordination of other parts.
-   Reviewing plans, coordination with determined policies and objects, offering proposals for correction and compilation plans in improving productivity, if necessary.
-   Codification indicators and program criteria, suggesting studies regarding works, monitoring on implemented programs and determining standard deviation.
-   Activities related to data collection and analyzing, updating data, determining and existing system evaluation, designing and establishment of required system.
- Creating and promoting management information systems, distributing mechanization systems, compilation of information in creating database.
- Arranging general organization and monitoring its implementation.
- Activities related to plan classification and occupation evaluation and payment system.
- Planning and training human resources for attracting, transferring and promoting scientific level of employees and increasing productivity.
- monitoring implementation of employees evaluation system and deputy units.
- Following and analyzing issues related to retirements.
- Following and analyzing issues related to medical services.
- Following and analyzing issues related to promotional the best doing in office.
- Cooperation in surveying practical ways of transition activities.
- Activities related to codification of methods and financial & economical policies and offering eligible proposals to enhance efficiency activities and plans.
- Operational planning, providing the annual budget, codification of indicators and analyzing cost, revenue and cost of company.
- Preparing and codification of specification and resulted applied research and necessary background to attract related experts for research.
- Activities related to duties and responsibilities of committee secretariat and occupation classification.





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