Deputy of Operations

Duties & Responsibilities:

- Providing instructions regarding operation and conduction of water & wastewater installation.
- Providing required criteria and standards and monitoring good performance of operational instructions.
- Creating, controlling stability and reviewing in operational methods for coordination in operating.
- monitoring the required information to be updated in water & wastewater installation, analyzing them and determining the indicators.
- Surveying and codification required instructions and indicators in making the potable water installation to be healthy and also wastewater installation and continue monitoring for them.
- Monitoring on good performance practical plan of quality control & healthy units of water & wastewater.
- Controlling and confirmation of implemented projects on time permanent and temporary delivery.
- monitoring on implementation of maintenance program and controlling implementation of maintenance in water supply installation, pump stations, water treatment plant, transmission lines and water distribution networks.
- Controlling water supply condition especially discharge and reconstruction of presenting of well and video metric.
- Pursuing and monitoring in creating an operating from laboratory of water & wastewater, monitoring on implementation of quality tests.
- Identification of process and energy equipments in system and monitoring on selection and designing appropriate equipment for new facilities. 
- Monitoring on studies and establishing telemetry system of covered water installation.
- Creating unit approach and coinciding on standards for using equipments, needed materials in installation of wastewater.
-  Surveying operation reports from network, treatment plant, pump stations and maintenance in quantity & qualify of output and input wastewater, analyzing them.
- Planning and monitoring for improving the efficiency of equipments, saving in using energy.
- Designing and monitoring on implementation of maintenance system
- Planning for implementation of on time and accurate service, maintenance of water & wastewater installation.
- Monitoring and cooperation regarding establishment monitoring groups on operation to achieve maximum efficiency to prevent loss of energy and assets.
- Monitoring and controlling regarding to Unaccounted for water.

Deputy of operations


Operations of water installations

Operations of water installations

Quality control & sanitation of water & wastewater

Unaccounted for water

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