Deputy of Financial & Support

Duties & Responsibilities:

-  Receiving goals, policies from superior management.
- Necessary planning for activities and promoting efficiency and improving related activities.
-  performing acts related to financial and financial controlling, administrative & welfare, commercial, store keeper, services and offering modified methods.
-   Monitoring support-official appropriate services regarding employees and units.
-   Studying for improving financial & financial controlling.
-   Monitoring on official-staff’s affairs such as payment system, issuance staff’s decree according to authorizations and decision of human resources & planning deputy, performing welfare affairs, treatment, insurance, retirement and preserve of staff’s documentation.
-   Cooperation with deputy of human resources & planning, training centers in implementation of employment test.
- monitoring affairs regarding workplace general health.
- Cooperation in Annual evaluation of staff.
- Cooperation in creating housing cooperative and staff’s consumption according to instructions.
- Implementation commercial affairs and orders, purchase, procurement and also the way of allocating revolving fund and implementation of instructions, technical & financial regulations.
- Implementation annual store keeper, deletion extra activities and implementation new methods for store keeper.
- Cooperation with Deputy of Human resources & Planning for preparing of budget.
- Cooperation in planning, monitoring budget appropriation, controlling current expenses, preparing tables and modifying the budget.
- Monitoring activities and contractors’ operation and related bidding.
- Providing necessary data and reports in official and financial activities.


Deputy of Financial & support




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