Deputy of Revenue & subscribers

Duties & Responsibilities:

- Planning for performing services correctly and on time to customer.
- Codification appropriate methods in probing for clients and subscribers, monitoring on establishment of subscribers affairs system.
- Monitoring on accurate implementation of tariffs and conformation with rules.
- Monitoring on branches installation (water & wastewater)
- Identification of specific branches and sub-networks.
- Planning and monitoring on meter reading, collection amounts and records of reports.
- Identification of defective meter and pursuing for solving problems and monitoring on affairs related to eliminate unauthorized branches.
- Monitoring construction of mechanized system of revenue and claim collections.
- Cooperation in determination of criteria for calculation of price completed of water consumption wastewater disposal cost and connection fee of water & wastewater.
- Analyzing revenues, claim collection and exact controlling Non collection of claims.
- Surveying amount of revenue collection of water price and connection fee of water & wastewater.
- Monitoring on calculation water & wastewater connection fee and controlling bills of water price.
- Surveying certain applicants and monitoring, pursuing claim obtaining from main consumers.
- Surveying the cause of non-payments and necessary pursuing the collection of delayed claim and connection & disconnection of subscriber.
- monitoring on providing total bill of revenue.
- Exact knowledge from basic of tariffs.
- Guiding executers in tariffs for good tariffs performance.
- Cooperation on updating software system.



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Implementation of Tariff



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