Deputy of Engineering & Development

Duties & Responsibilities:

-    Determining achievable goals in development of installation and capacity of urban water and wastewater.
-   Monitoring the implementation of plans and studying regarding installation water & wastewater, water distribution, construction of reservoirs, trunk main, pump station, store & official buildings.
- Surveying and monitoring the project and determining the way of using standards for project.
- Time schedule for reviewing project progress.
- Monitoring the observing technical and environmental standards in implementation of plans.
- Using appropriate advanced technology and technical standards.
-  Controlling the design and research, plans of treatment plants, water & wastewater installation.
- Monitoring the construction and development of urban water distribution networks, constructing the flood water reservoirs, water system implementing the water pump station, water treatment plants.
-  Preparation of standards about wastewater projects, evaluation, technical selection of contracts 
- Preparation and confirmation of wastewater disposal & collection networks, monitoring the way of implementation of wastewater installation by contractor and providing technical reports including amendment comments & offers.
- Final approval of maps, profiles, plans, water & wastewater project and its conformity.
- Attending up the start time duration of project to operation phase and offering amendment comments for progressing.
- Planning and monitoring construction and development wastewater disposal & collection networks, trunk main, pump stations and treatment plants.
- Regular visits from projects progress, providing guidance and instructions issuance.
- Preparation of bidding documents and special condition of contract and projects.
- Monitoring the good performance of selection of contractors, consultants and monitoring on implementation of contractors.





Office of technical & engineering services

Executive office of Supply and distribution of urban water

Executive office of Collection and wastewater treatment



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