Code of ethics
Customer satisfaction and reverence plan

It is believed that:  

-    Our services cause men eminence and will strengthen the relationship between men and us.  
-    The company’s success is in customer’s satisfaction, while presenting services we are committed to that.
-    Employees are the most valuable resources, so we do not hesitate in influencing employees’ behavior to clients.
-     Financial success of company is important but we consider it as a mean to supply a wider purpose for presenting more suitable services.
-    We are committed to ethics in any situation.
-    Order and adornment, being on time and preparation in providing services to clients are considered certain principles of our success.
-     Culture of responsibility against clients is considered as company’s eminence.
-    Politeness, tact, justice are stability of company.
-    This believes and moral values determine our relationship with clients.

                                                                   The Managing Director &
                                                                     The Board of Directors
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